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How Can A Drought In Brazil Result In Increased Coffee Allergies?

Posted on 23rd Aug 2014 by Marlene


Climate change, and allergies - it all results in some strange stuff in your daily cup of coffee.

Okay so that's a bit of a strange statement but there is a link between climate change, coffee and allergies and people getting allergic reactions to coffee and we're not talking about just instant coffee either....

Let me explain a bit more....
"In 2012, a study from the U.K.'s Royal Botanic Gardens and the Environment stated that 70 percent of the world's coffee supply might disappear by 2080 because of conditions caused by climate change. But shortages due to more immediate issues already are occurring. The coffee-rich country of Brazil typically produces 55 million bags of coffee each year. But according to some reports, the projected amount for 2014 will likely only reach 45 million bags after this January's extensive drought. That's about 42 billion fewer cups of coffee for this year."

In the UK tea sales are down and coffee sales are up and yet the price of coffee is dropping. I'm no mathematical genius but I do know that if coffee production is down and demand is up AND prices are down then there is something missing out of the equation. Actually it's a few things, like wheat, soybeans, brown sugar, rye, barley, corn, rice, black beans, acacia seeds, cocoa seeds, sticks. Yup you read it right - sticks. Some less scrupulous suppliers are adding the above ingredients to filter coffee to pad out the packets of coffee the above contents are called fillers

Not all filter and ground coffee will be affected but some could. So if you are allergic to wheat, corn, barley, rye or soya then you might want to think twice before you grab a filter coffee. How do you know what else has been ground in with the beans? Coeliacs beware - there could be gluten in your filter coffee!

If you have been getting unusual symptoms after drinking coffee then perhaps you should give me a call?

You can read the full article in "The Surprising Ingredients in Your Coffee" "Keeping filler ingredients out of your cup of coffee"

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