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Hair Dye & Henna Tattoos Can Cause Allergic Reactions

Posted on 16th Jul 2015 by Marlene

Doctors are warning that the trendy henna tattoos and hair dyes are increasingly causing allergic reactions among children.

Hair dyes and henna can contain chemical para-phenylenediamine and the trend for henna tattoos and hair dyes 'are to blame for a rise in allergies and painful eczema. The chemicals can trigger allergies that result in contact eczema and although the use of of PPD in black henna tattoos is banned in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, it is still easy to get in other countries

Just one use of black hair dye or henna that includes the chemical para-phenylenediamine can create an allergy which results in painful eczema.

Data gathered over 20 years by dermatologists in Leeds suggests that 27 per cent of children suffer from contact eczema, an allergic reaction which can result in an itchy and painful rash.

But over the period the experts report a shift in the substances that they are reacting to.

A study presented recently at the British Association of Dermatologists annual meeting in Manchester cited the number of children reacting to nickel since its use was restricted across Europe in the 1990s.

But the overall number of children being seen with skin allergies has stayed the same, because the use of other substances have increased.

Experts are particularly worried about the use of para-phenylenediamine - or PPD , which is widely used in hair dye, particularly in black and dark brown colours.

More efforts need to be made to make people aware of the sensitising properties of common substances. For more information, or to find out how I can advise you if you have been affected, contact me for a chat.

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