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Gut Reaction...

Posted on 25th Jan 2015 by Marlene

It all starts with the gut...

If our digestion and gut are not functioning our body and mind do not function to there optimum . It is therefor important to work with our gut not against it. Unfortunately are modern Western diet does just that. There are two other factors that are also vital to our wellbeing that are often overlooked.

Firstly our gut flora or probiotics or colonic micro biome, all the same word for approximately 11 hundred trillion friendly bacteria which inhabit mainly our large colon. Interestingly from one knee down we are human cells the rest are our good bacteria colonies which inhabit largely our gut and shin. These bacteria have evolved with mankind since he left the primordial soup and as the New Scientist wrote. " We are loosing our relationship with these bacteria at our peril".

The second factor is our mucous lining

The long and winding road of the human body's intestinal tract is lined with a thin mucosal membrane. In healthy individuals, this intestinal lining is semi-permeable, which allows nutrients from properly digested food to pass into the bloodstream. At the same time, the gut lining serves as a protective barrier, preventing harmful bacteria, toxins and undigested food particles from entering the bloodstream and wrecking havoc in the body.

If we therefore have a robust micro flora in the gut and a strong mucous lining we are in a healthy state to then address the foods we eat.


That is why on Thursday 29th of January I am giving free 15 minute consultation either by phone or in person at my Paignton clinic between 1400 -1700.

Booking is necessary. Contact me on 01803 401001 or email

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