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The Problem With So Many Allergy Specialists Is .......

Posted on 17th Oct 2014 by Marlene

The problem with so many Allergy specialists is…..

They use extra-ordinarily long words that quite frankly turn people off and make them think that the whole allergy thing is just too clever or complex for them.

For example any idea what Urticaria is? Or What about Angioedema? Exactly - some of you might but most reading this blog won't have a clue, so when allergy UK send out factsheets entitled Uticaria & Angioedema an awful lot of people just turn off.

The truth is that Uticaria is commonly known as nettle rash or hives, it is sometimes combined with swelling of various parts of the body (angioedema) - usually in the face, hands and feet.

If you suffer with any of the above why not come to see someone who can explain in detail what is going on without any of the gobbledy-gook?

Allergies and intolerances are a common part of everyday life and although a nuisance in the main they are nothing more than a nuisance although they can adversely affect our quality of life.

We have an interesting case at the moment with the manager of one of the clinics that I work from, he has allergies and intolerance's

The Devon Allergy Clinic

but on top of that he struggles to digest certain foods high in histamines such as kiwi fruit or strawberries - and unfortunately for him red wine….

We will keep you posted on his progress


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Love You Gut Awareness Week

Posted by Marlene on: 2nd Oct 2014

As part of "Love your gut awareness" Yakult are hosting a training day in London . Unfortunately I am unable to attend but I am a Member of the distinguished panel of experts. My interest in this is multi-disciplinary since as well as being an Allergist I am a Home Perentral Nutritional nurse. Gut……

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National Eczema Awareness Week

Posted by Marlene on: 13th Sep 2014

National Eczema Week 2014 has kicked off today with a series of helpline events, the first being today in Union Square, Torquay Apologies to those who don't have eczema but do have a read to give you an insight into the wonderful world of eczema and taming the itch. In 2005 Eczema affected around……

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Can We Prevent Allergies Whilst The Child Is In The Womb?

Posted by Marlene on: 29th Aug 2014

Sometimes it seems as though we are ruled by what we can't do.. Don't do this, don't do that - don't eat this don't eat that. When a woman is pregnant these rules are rammed home even more, some of them such as don't smoke make perfect sense and some such as don't eat blue cheese are just downright……

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How Can A Drought In Brazil Result In Increased Coffee Allergies?

Posted by Marlene on: 23rd Aug 2014

Climate change, and allergies - it all results in some strange stuff in your daily cup of coffee. Okay so that's a bit of a strange statement but there is a link between climate change, coffee and allergies and people getting allergic reactions to coffee and we're not talking about just instant coffee……

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Sam Faiers

Posted by Marlene on: 31st Jul 2014

Sam Faiers is a former TOWIE star that has now lent her support to the charity Love Your Gut which helps people become more aware of how important it is to have good digestive healthSam, 24, has suffered with Crohn's disease and allowed herself to have a design of the digestion system painted on her……

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Top 5 Tips To Beat The Summer Snuffles

Posted by Marlene on: 15th Jul 2014

1. Reduce your stress Try to reduce your stress levels. The survey showed a clear link between stress and the severity of hay fever symptoms. Almost seven out of 10 stressed-out hay fever sufferers rate their symptoms as unbearable or debilitating. As stress levels drop, symptoms become milder. For tips……

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Acne Creams Can Cause Allergic Reaction

Posted by Marlene on: 27th Jun 2014

Last Wednesday the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have announced that some over-the-counter acne treatments can cause severe irritation or allergic reactions Some acne skin treatments contain ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid . Some products may cause dryness of the skin but can……

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