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Are You Allergic To Politicians?

Posted on 30th Mar 2015 by Marlene

Allergy is a very misused diagnosis. It is mainly to do with a tiny white cell in your blood exploding and releasing very irritant chemicals one being histamine. This is called an IgE meditated response. It is no good politicians

just getting under the skin to be a potential allergen they has to get into the blood to cause an allergic reaction.

How to treat....... in this case antihistamine or steroids probably would not be treatment of choice.

Sub lingual immunotherapy. SLIT could be used but unfortunately you would have to place a small amount of the potential allergen I.e. A politician of choice under your tongue and it can take up to 6 months to desensitise. Of course if you are allergic to one allergen you often have a co morbidity to others. Not really an option I feel.

Removing the potential allergen from the environment would seem to be a good option. Maybe a complete media ban or a prolonged holiday on a small atoll in the Pacific .

Unfortunately when the potential allergen is reintroduced symptoms often return. Or maybe the patient has a hypersentitiy, intolerance or digestive disorder giving him maybe sever belching and bloating and a nasty rash

As with all potential allergies it is imperative to seek medical advice or an anaphylaxis shock can occur resulting in death.

Outcome seems poor for patients during the run up to the election

The Devon Allergy Clinic can offer advice at very reasonable costs. All of which are tax deductible

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