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Increase in fibre could prevent allergies

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Make-Muesli-Step-20We have just been updated  that leading researchers now say they plan to conduct human trials testing to see whether an increase in dietary fiber could similarly prevent allergies in infants and young children.

Eating a high-fibre diet changes bacteria in the gut to protect against food allergies, the research showed.

This good gut bacteria helps the immune system resist allergies through the break down of fibre in short-chain fatty acids – opening up the potential for new drug therapy for those with food allergies.

Almost three per cent of children have a peanut allergy and severe reactions to eating the food can cause anaphylaxis, which can lead to death’

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Food Allergy App

Allergy ClinicHave you heard about this latest app?

Recently earning Gold in the ‘Education & Reference’ category and Bronze for ‘Integrated Mobile Experience’ at the Annual American Business Awards, this innovative, consumer-facing medical app was recently released by Nutricia North America to support parents caring for children with food allergies, such as cow milk allergy.

Once diagnosed, families must navigate many challenges and needs for which there are few resources. Through this easy-to-use interactive tool, parents can track their child’s daily food intake and symptoms, spark data-driven conversations with healthcare professionals, and access reliable information including, allergy cards, recipes, tips & resources, data charts, pharmacy finder and reimbursement options.  It is the only app that specifically tracks usage of hypoallergenic formulas and other food intake, allergic symptoms, mood, sleep times and more.

You can read the full article here

“We have heard for many years from parents and caregivers who use Neocate how challenging life can be once their child has been diagnosed with a food allergy. It’s really gratifying to be able to create and offer such a high-quality, user-friendly app. We hope the Neocate Footsteps app can help to provide support and inspiration at each milestone of their child’s food allergy journey,” said Robert Schnurr, the regional Vice President Americas & CEO Nutricia North America at Danone Medical Nutrition.

The free, award-winning Neocate Footsteps app is currently available for iOS and can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store here:  For more information about the app, visit:

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Now in Exeter too

The Devonaboutimage Allergy Clinic is now practicing from Radience Medispa in Exeter. Located at Augustus House, New North Road, EX4 4HL, it is situated in the centre of Exeter with client parking.

The Devon Allergy  Clinic’s director Marlene Hochstrasser is very excited to be practicing in Exeter again…

” finding the correct venue to hold clinics is very important as clients often travel and bus  and rail communication are very important as well as car parking.  ”

Allergy is on the increase as stated by Allergy UK and the World Allergy Organisation, The Devon Allergy Clinic over the last 10 years has been able to support clients not just with allergy but also hypersensitivity intolerance and digestive disorders.

In fact a large percentage of her client base often refer initially with digestive disorders.  Not realizing that their constant runny nose which they have put up with for often many years can also be dealt with.  Allergy symptoms cover all systems of the body from skin sinuses lungs and digestion . It is vital to look at all symptoms not just one in isolation. And assertion if there are  common causes which can be dealt with. This giving back a good quality of life.

The Devon allergy clinic was awarded a prestigious award last year….. Thus giving the people of Exeter and environs a very supportive service

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