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Ask Marlene

Dear Marlene
I am hoping you can help; I have no energy,I am always so tired, what can I do, do you think it could be cheese, as I do love to indulge nightly please help??

thank you would appreciate any ideasHi
The first thing you should do is visit your GP as there might be an underlying medical condition causing your tiredness eg. Anaemia, hypothyroidism . If nothing is found then it is worth looking at your diet. You mention eating cheese in the evening which is not good for the digestion. Regardless of age we should not be constantly tired, we should all have vitality. Without a full history I could not comment if allergies are the cause . What it is more likely to be is a food hypersentitivy or an overgrowth of yeast in the gut known as Candida . If you look on my testimonial page Kathy Townsend gives a comprehensive view of how she felt when she had Candida and also when it had cleared. I hope this has been of some use to you.
Kind regards

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