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Digestive Disorders – An Overview

Intolerances are normally enzyme based such as lactose intolerance where the body is not making enough of the digestive enzyme lactase to break down the milk sugar lactose – a contributory cause to IBS.
Histamine intolerance is where the enzyme Diamine Oxydase is not produced to digest foods naturally high in histamine. I regularly see clients with rashes and itchy skin where this can be a major cause .

Interestingly more people come to see me with digestive problems then allergenic symptoms.
The focus is on the balance of good bacteria in our gut which can cause symptoms of gut disbiosis.Evidence is being produced it seems on a daily basis as to how vital these bacteria are to our health and how modern western living is distorting them. According to an article published in the New Scientist in March 2012 we are loosing our relationship with them at our peril. We should have approximately 100 trillion of them in our colon (large bowel).

We cannot live without these microbes & they can’t live without us – a commensurate relationship. A study from Cardiff University revealed that if you give a new born baby the correct probiotic the prevalence of infantile Eczema and Ashthma can be reduced by up to 60% . It is not just allergy but inflammatory conditions in general including Type 2 Diabetes.

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