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March is national nutrition month

March 1 - March 31

March is National Nutrition Month.

For many people with a chronic digestive condition, food and eating can have a profound affect on symptoms. Many people find that their symptoms get worse following a meal, and certain foods may exacerbate or alleviate symptoms. More confusing, a food may cause distress one day but not another or even have different affects at different times in a single day.

Among the most common questions individuals with a digestive disorder have is what foods to avoid. The search for answers may lead a person to go looking for a special diet or test to sort it out. But, the bewildering amount of often conflicting advice available, especially online, can create more questions than answers.

This month we’re talking about the role of food in the symptom management of chronic digestive disorders. But, while some general recommendations exist, it is often helpful to consult with a registered dietitian (RD) or other nutrition support specialist, such as a physician or therapist. That person can help you identify your triggers and design a dietary plan to meet your individual needs.

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March 1
March 31

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